Dear friends/students, we are observing a sea change in the attitude of almost every authority after so-called second COVID wave towards their subjects. They are in no mood to show any leniency or offer any concession. The CBSE is also not a exception. Rather I would like to proceed a step further and add that as compared to the last year the CBSE has been unfair to student of academic year 2021-2022.
Comparing with the past academic year your seniors were altogether exempted from any examination on the one hand and on the other hand this academic year students are forced with two board exams. This year syllabus has been divided into two parts and so the two examination that is one exam for each part. The first term examination will take place in the November or December for which the first 50% syllabus is covered. For the other remaining 50% syllabus the second examination are scheduled for before July. The only positive aspect of this entire system change is that the first term one half syllabus will be excluded from the syllabus meant for second term examination.
To add more strictness as if this much was not sufficient the student performance will be given less weightage in case the examination is conducted online and students appear in it from their homes in case of the covid-19 is spread goes spiral out of control again. Moreover, the examination this time will be in the subjective format not the MCQ type as in the past year online exams.
 The latest CBSE guidelines very clearly specified that it is mandatory for every subject teacher to evaluate the performance of the student in the continuous manner by conducting small class test along with unit test on the regular basis. All these performances will be considered for the preparation of school internal assessment records which will be later sent to CBSE head office for the preparation of result. So, friends there is a needless to say that every minor class test is very important for you. Concluding I can say that CBSE has shut down all the way out for less hardworking student. Needless to say that sincere hard work and consistent good performance in every exam are the only way outs.