Career Options for a CA drop outs

Career Options for a CA drop outs

The most frequently asked question by most of my students of CA are –

  • What will happen to my career if I have to discontinue?
  • Will I be left with nothing or zero on my hands?
  • Will I emerge out with a biggest looser of almost every aspect like time – utilization, financial -losses, carrier-option.
No doubt, your question and concern are most important but CA is only one part of your carrier. Just spare few minutes of your precious time and read out the following section to get your answer.

In every part of our lives, we all take risks, and the rewards for taking risks are the gains associated with it. But at the same time, the chances of failures exist.  However, the fear of failures does not stop us from taking further risks accepting challenges. Actually, the winner is that one who does not put all the eggs in one basket. That is, we must explore other options which not only utilizes the CA-study but also provide us the alternative career options.

In reference to your question. I will tell not one but four alternative career options and these are –

The first one is to explore the teaching line. It is highly diversified option and will not let go your current – CA preparation waste or unused after completion of graduation.

One can opt for B. Ed, course or master’s study programme – which automatically makes you eligible for teaching line both in private institution as well as well as in public/govt -sector institution /colleges/school, etc.

The second option in to go for MBA study programme – [part-time or full-time]. The MBA degree will definitely confirm the job. With a pay – scale ranging from 40k to 50k per month, along with the professional work/job – satisfaction.

The third option is that of self-employment. After graduation one can join a law firm for gaining work experience along-with the preparation for LLB entrance/CLAT exam. Moreover, you can also work on a private accountant on part-time base within few-years you will be having a very good client-base granting you a regular income on yearly base.

The Fourth option is ACCA. ACCA is enabled you to get a good job in MNC or join foreign firms within a time-span of 1.5to 2years which is the duration of the course. You will find more details by ACCA in my subsequent blogs.
So dear friend we must not lose hope and let the negativity envelop us completely, with so many alternative career options we must not stop studying sincerely of CA exam. Wishing you all the best prospects and always available.
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