Can you pursue multiple course like CA, CS and CMA simultaneously?

Can you pursue multiple course like CA, CS and CMA simultaneously?

CA, CS, and CMA are three popular courses that open doorways to many opportunities. Well, the good news is yes you can pursue all three of them individually or simultaneously.

Being related to the accounting profession majority of the subjects are similar. You can leverage the CA Pendrive course, CS Pendrive course, and CMA Pendrive course to help you through. Although before you do take them up, there are certain factors you need to consider. Below are the aspects you need to be mindful of and methods you can follow to balance the three courses.

The amount of freedom you have at your place of article ship is an important factor. Many organisations have high levels of work pressure, and as a trainee, it can be difficult to balance work and study. You will only be able to get through if your location allows you enough time to study.

Another critical factor is the cost. The three courses will be expensive enough on their own. As a result, advanced financial planning is required.

To assist you, we have devised a strategy for completing all three courses.

Begin by completing the CA foundation level. Anyone who has passed the CA Foundation exam is exempt from the CS Foundation exam. Then take the CA Intermediate exam. You are then exempt from taking the CMA Foundation exam. So you passed four exams with a score of two. Consider clearing the CMA Intermediate after passing the CA Intermediate. There is a lot of conceptual overlap between the two courses.

Following that, you must plan your training for the courses. We recommend that you take the CA Article ship training. This provides you with the most exposure, and you may even be exempt from CMA practical training if you work in one of the relevant fields of practice (Do check out more information on CMA Practical training).

Prepare for and pass the CS Executive exam during your CA Article ship. You must apply for permission from the ICAI Institute using Form 112. This allows you to pursue additional courses during your Article ship. After that, finish the final course requirements for all three courses. Consider finishing the CA Final course ahead of the others. Find out if you are eligible for exemption from CS practical training after passing the three final exams. Otherwise, you'll have to train for a year.

That was a brief overview of a method for completing the three courses. Don't forget to use technology to your advantage. You can take the CA Pendrive course, the CS Pendrive course, and the CMA Pendrive course. It will save you a lot of time and allow you to study more effectively. We wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.